Alumni Speak January 2017: Education

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Feb 09 2017

Alumni Speak January 2017: Education

Alumni Show January 2017


Speakers: Dr. Jacqueline Frierson, The Frierson Group

     Mark Booker, Education That

     Cabrina McLain, The Experience Team

Industry: Education


Dr. Jacqueline Fireson

Brief Bio:

Dr. Fireson always dreamed to be a teacher, since she was 5 years old. She remained steadfast with her dream until she obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Morgan State University in Education. This later paved the way for her to become a school superintendent as well as educational leadership such as a school principal and head of a charter school. The Fireson Group are consultants, trainers and motivational speakers.


Marc Booker

Brief Bio:

Mr. Booker has known Dr. Fireson for over 20 years through working throughout the Baltimore School System; this is how the partnership with The Fireson Group began. Mr. Booker provides complimentary services to the Fireson Group through a program called “Education That” this company provides  personnel to school systems such as teacher’s assistants  as well as children’s book publications. Baltimore School Systems usually use Education That as an outsourcing client when they have reached their maximum amount of new hires. The Fireson Group trains his employees to be credentialed to do their job.


Cabrina McLain

Brief Bio:

Ms. McLain has a company named “The Experience Team” which focuses on finding behavioral gaps in leadership focusing company executives. Traveling nationwide facilitating classes teaching people how to drive results using the head and the heart. The Experience Team and The Fireson Group connected through mentorship and a mutual passion of educating others. She currently facilitates virtual classes for The Fireson Group.


Key Points:

How did the Fireson Group begin and when was it founded?

  • Based off a continuing passion for education and working in the field, after retirement she decided to start The Fireson Group. Dr. Fireson stresses how helpful and resourceful the  small business resource center at Eastern High School  was for them.

What type of entity did you decide to use for your business?

  • The Frierson Group is an LLC which has tax implications. Dr. Frierson found it imperative to obtain her CPA to ensure validity in her documents. She watches influential business owners to find out their best practices to be able to better determine the best practices for her company.


  • Dr. Frierson recommends Person- to – person networking.
  • Marc Booker recommends understanding literacy, social entrepreneurship  and what experience the end user is looking for is vital.
  • Cabrina McLain recommends putting ads on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, which are monumental in getting consistent traffic into your website. Understanding who your target audience is can be helpful because it is easier to market to those interested in your services. Contrary to posting ads, The Experience Team posts small movie clips to give their audience an idea of what they do.
    • Keeps the promotion movies less than 2 minutes long

A recent success in working together:

  • They each claimed the goal of connecting with 300 people in 2 weeks.

Challenges in expanding:

  • “There is enough sun for everybody to shine”
  • Trimming down ideas

Trends in Education:

  • The transition from face to face to virtual classroom…the convenience factor
  • Webinars  
  • Cell phones…you now no longer need to be in front of a computer either to connect to your educator
  • Paperback books vs. Ebooks
  • “Education has become more portable”
  • Virtual professional development for teachers nationwide/worldwide

Professional Development:

  • How to Foresee Positive Change in Your Life by Cabrina McLain
  • Having a mentor is extremely important

Pursuing your own business in education:

  • Talk to people in the field
  • Be patient
  • Stay open to learning
  • Take advantage of free resources, know your options
  • Get your CPA
  • Pace yourself; “Be aware your first 6-8 you may not have any income coming in)
  • A strong network that keeps you motivated and focused
  • Turn the word entrepreneurship upside down and find what you can do to give up


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “There is enough sun for everyone to shine” (Tweet This)
  • “Education has become more portable” (Tweet This)
  • “Having a mentor is extremely important in becoming successful in business” (Tweet This)
  • “Take advantage of all the free resources available, know your options” (Tweet This)


Contact Info:

Mark C. Booker



Dr. Jacqueline Frierson



Cabrina McLain


Twitter/IG: @coachcabrina